Swearing Ahead

What a complete and total cluster fuck of a mess our trip to Cincinnati was. We had things going wrong from the beginning with bad weather. The final mega cluster fuck of finding out the clinical trial meds weren’t working for me was really just the icing on the cake of a bad trip.

When we were driving home my Toledo Oncologists office called me and said my doctor wanted me to have an appointment this week and could I come in on Friday. And that’s why I like my oncologist. I imagine most other doctors would have waited for me to call them. I imagine my next trip will be to Detroit.

I have spent the last two days just walking trying to get my head back to right. My legs are tired so I have to be okay now because I just can’t walk anymore! Yesterday I ended up with over 18,000 steps. Today at the 5000 mark I said I AM DONE! 🙂

This all was an unpleasant curve, but I’ll get there.




5 thoughts on “Swearing Ahead

  1. So will u have to start from phas e 1 in Detroit or will they accept your gene testing from cincinnci

    1. The gene testing is a setting and will follow me everywhere. We found the Cincinnati clinical trial after gene testing. Layman’s will hopefully just ha e some additional ideas and knowledge of upcoming trials.

  2. To see that the meds didn’t work makes me sad. Keeping my fingers crossed that you’ll see progress shortly, getting better from the new (old?) treatment.

  3. Well, I’m sorry that sucked so much. Sounds like you have a good oncologist though who’s on top of things. You’re in my daily good thoughts and prayers always. 🙂 <3

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