Sweetness followed by Kitten!

I received a most unusual and thoughtful gift.


I am not pasting in the entire email. The first paragraph was personal and a story of my gift givers service in the military. I will only paste in the part that pertains to me.
“I have decided that since you have earned it (doing distinguished service and shown extraordinary brave) in your own personal war against your cancer – I will decorate you (a matter of fact – I’s my duty as a Swedish officer to decorate MY soldiers if they would do something out of the ordinary). I have therefor – as a gift – as a token of my appreciation and to show you that it has not gotten by unnoticed – even if I’m not particularly good at always expressing it – decided to give you my “distinguished service” medal from the Balkans.”
How sweet is that? As I said the other day, I really don’t get the brave thing. I am not stoic and calmly facing down an adversary I am just trying to enjoy as many seconds as I possibly can in every day.
Followed by Kitten!
IMG_20141017_104917505_HDR hanging

3 thoughts on “Sweetness followed by Kitten!

  1. Oh. But you ARE brave. Being brave is not about not knowing fear, but to in that fear still act on your will and instinct to live. To me, Tracy, this is nothing short of heroic.

  2. This made me cry. What a kind and perceptive person this is. I read this to Craig, too. He thought it was wonderful and kind.

    I love that, through you, I hear about many interesting and kind people. It gives me hope.

    We also loved the kitty pictures. Frankie is endlessly entertaining to us. 😀

  3. Absolutely amazing!! And thanks for the immediate laughter with the pic of that crazy cat! Emotions colliding in this blog!

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