Swing Low……

I am feeling low today. Not really sad or anything, just blah. I got unexpectedly sick last night and had to leave the gym which just made me so sad. I hate it when my body betrays me that way! Then I was sick all night. I think it was from yesterdays lunch but I am not sure why it made me so sick. It was pretty innocuous soup. It had chili oil in it,but it was not spicy. Regardless, I will NOT be buying that again.

Yesterday drove around in the slippery snowy city. Today I will get new tires. Bad timing. Oh, and I will have to get gas or I will not make it home on my new tires.

I bought Frank Halo brand freeze dried chicken breast as a treat. It is like some sort of kitty crack. He is almost all out and I will not buy it again because it is too expensive. This morning he climbed up into my cabinets and threw everything off the shelf trying to get into the chicken. Mac & Cheese, two different bottles of Olive Oil, a couple of cans of spray oil, a box of crackers. BANG Crash!

Yesterday I also got my welcome to Medicare packet. Yikes.


5 thoughts on “Swing Low……

  1. I don’t know anything really about Medicare. You seem too young to be on it.

    I’ve cooked with chili oil before, I think that could wreak some havoc. I hope you are feeling better today.

    Freeze dried chicken brought out the beast in Frank?!? Funny how certain foods do that. My brother once bought one of dogs rhino hide. It made the dog mean and crazy. He did not want to let go of that. We had to get rid of it because it made the dog so mean.

    Funny how Dusty is letting her tongue hang out.

    I hope you have a better day today.

    1. The Medicare goes with the disability. I automatically get part A which is hospitalization and hospice (yay?) but I also now have the option of Part B, which is standard medical care. I think. I don’t even know how melds figure in. I have three months to figure it out.
      Frank is becoming a little piggy!

  2. Good luck figuring it out. I hope it can save you some money.

    Frank is something else. Leia always loved food too much.

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