Tattoo – The making of..

Jeff the tattoo guy who ended up spending sixty minutes working through my ideas and different ideas he and I had. Jeff is a really good guy. He was recommended to me by Niki a few years ago. This is my second tattoo with Jeff.

Th bioHazard container! It amused me that the wall seems to be colored to match.

It amazes me to watch someone draw with such precision.

I went in with three or four different options for the tattoo I wanted and Jeff worked through all of them until we got to where I was happy.


The monochromatic version. 🙂


When I was getting actual needle punctures in my arm I was also sending messages to the amazing Nina Brown because she made a sad face on my FB post of the biohazard bin and I knew she would appreciate the joy of a new tattoo.


Immediately after, very red skin! My cell phone turned the Gynecological Cancer honoring Teal to Blue! So you will just have to believe me that it is teal.


After the Tattoo and surrounding skin is disinfected Jeff covers it with plastic skin which stays on for three days and turns both creepy and fun. It is a bubble of lymphocytes, blood and ink! So much fun to play with.

After three days you take it off and have a scabby tattoo that is well on its way to healing. The scab over the word Fight turned teal but when healed should be white and will not be visible unless you are very close. The Ribbon is for the world, the word is just for me.


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