The accidental night owl

Just had a cup of pu erh tea. Didn’t realize it actually has a fairly high caffeine content. Trying to counteract it with a big cup of chamomile tea now. Big day tomorrow so I hope the combination of tea & stress doesn’t keep me up too much tonight.

Went to work out with two beautiful ladies this evening. This is my bad week but I still got at least a little bit in. Felt good.

Yesterday was Haiku day, today was limerick day. I enjoyed it. Limericks seem to be bring out the mean spiritedness in me so I had to be careful and didn’t publish a few that I made up.

Sunday is my offices Christmas dinner. We are running a little behind. 🙂

My daughter and I are going for our annual weekend trip to Frankenmuth Michigan next weekend.

Frankenmuth Michigan

I am very excited! I am determined to buy a purse at the outlet mall near there.

I think a man may have made fun of my bandanna clad head to his friends today as he was leaving Zoups. I only feel bad about it because I wasn’t sure and if I had been I could have made him feel like a worm.

Feeling warm & fuzzy tonight. I would tell you why but it’s someone elses secret. We’ll just say it’s good news for an acquaintance who I really like so it makes me happy too.





3 thoughts on “The accidental night owl

  1. I hope the caffeine doesn’t keep you up. Crossing my fingers.

    When I think of limericks, the mind always goes to the naughty.

    I am so glad you will be able to go to the mom and daughter weekend. Sounds like a lot of fun.

    I am sorry that you had that weird moment in Zoops.

    Shared joy is a double joy – glad you can share in your friend’s good news.

  2. I’ve been wanting to try that tea since I saw it on OZ. So how did it taste? I’ve been drinking a lot,of white tea and at least a green and black everyday. Still doesn’t take away from my coffee habit!

    Glad you and Katy are having some girl time! I have such an aversion to leaving home that I’m missing out on those. My own fault. Makes me sad!

    1. What did Dr Oz say about this tea? I did the crossover thing and answered you on Facebook. If you want to try Adagio let me know and I can send you a five dollar coupon. Did I already say that before? My brain is really much older these days.