The Airing of Grievances

I think my new breakfast cereal/oatmeal mix is making me sick

I think my neuropathy is traveling up my ankle. Is that even possible?

Speaking of neuropathy, yesterday at the gym I kept thinking I had gravel stuck to the bottom of my feet, it was just the neuropathy. πŸ™

My dog is so annoyingly cute sometimes that I can’t stay aggravated with her

It is so hard to decide what you want to do in the future when you have so many options and you know your husband will do whatever makes you happy

Oh yes, neuropathy complaint continued, things are sliding out of my hands almost constantly now

I bought my neighbor a plant because aforementioned dog trampled her lillies. The neighbor was as kind and gracious as ever. Can’t even get a good feud going.

When I walk the dog I notice how many people do not clean up after their dogs, I want to wave my poo bag like a white flag.

My dog loves me a lot.

I am starting a o get worried about πŸ’° . Who knew I was going to live so long??





2 thoughts on “The Airing of Grievances

  1. I would like to pick up dog poo and deliver it to the door of the person to whom it belongs!
    We’re getting ready to retire and the hardest part is trying to figure out how long your money has to last! Do you plan for your hopes or your fears? Dunno.

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