The connection between despair and bad eating patterns

I am not sure I can explain the line of thinking that brought me here but I was thinking about pregnancy among young girls – which led me to pondering pregnancy among young girls from different economic levels – which led me to – why? – which led me to bad eating patterns among people who are unhappy vs people who are happy.

So..I went looking to see if my first thought was correct, are there more teen births in lower income groups – yes.*

The article I read did not give me enough information into the emotional aspects. It touches on despair, and an interesting statistic about girls who get more than 50% of their spending money from their boyfriends being less likely to use a condom. It also mentions an attitude difference by economic level of getting pregnant as being “stupid”.

I wonder about motivation for eating badly, or lack of motivation for eating well and being healthy & fit. I think it is probably more of a lack of motivation. Could that be connected to a peer group that encourages bad eating behaviors?

How does all this tie in with people who want to change their behavior but can’t make the changes/motivation stick?

We all know that people who can participate in groups get more motivation. Is it the support or the lack of acceptance for behavior?

If you are in a group of all highly motivated people eating  a balanced diet of fruits and vegetables and grains how likely are you to eat a pizza?

If you are in a group of people all struggling to not eat pizza are you more likely to feel like you will be accepted when you lapse?


A very interesting article

All Just a bunch of disjointed thoughts that I feel like if I could put it together there is some big picture there about how to help people find a way to make the changes that they think they want to make.

I have also been thinking about how one copes with different situations and if it is a trainable skill to be dealing with what is going on in the moment instead of trying to find a way to change the situation.

That’s for another day.


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