The Day before Mother’s day

The other day I went to lunch with my daughter (not an unusual occurrence) and a friend. It was a very nice lunch.

During lunch the friend had brought me a tin of tea. I was holding it and she asked me to open it, she wanted me to see the adorable handmade tea bags inside.** I looked at it for a moment and she said “oh, it’s taped”.

My daughter put her hand out and said “would you like me to do that?”. Then she looked at our friend and said “she has trouble with her fingers”.

It seems like such a little thing doesn’t it? But it’s not. I need help with a lot of things these days and I detest asking for it. Just detest it. This will not come as a surprise to some of you. I am the climb the grocery store shelves to reach something type of person, not the ask someone next to me type. My fingers and feet have neuropathy. I am luckier than most who have gone though this many years of chemo and it’s really not terrible, but it does make fine motor movements both difficult and painful now.

So, I just want to say how proud I am that my daughter just notices when people need help and without fanfare or making someone asks she makes it easy to accept her help.

I never imagined when she was a baby that I would get lucky enough to have this kind of relationship with a daughter and I appreciate it every day.

Just hanging out on a Bridge



**as I typed this I realized this would be an excellent idea for me to do with my loose leaf teas


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