The dog barked

and so I got up  immediately.

This is impressive because I do not think in the months that we have had her that she is has ever barked when she woke up and wanted out of her kennel. She always waits for someone to get up first. My husband took the day off work so as soon as she barked I got up. Which is also amazing because I am a very slow waker upper but I slept really well and so woke up better!

It is chemo day today but I am going hours earlier than usual and my daughter is going come sit with me again.

A few days ago I spent a couple of hours at my cousins house. This is also amazing when you consider there has been no contact between the cousins for decades. None of it for any reason, which is a different blog post.

My cousin is about ten years older than me and when spending time with her you can tell we are related. The genetics are definitely stronger on the maternal side of my family. My cousin reminds me so much of my mom, but slightly skewed. Like what my mom would have been like at this age if her life had been different. The house is filled with memories of trips taken across the world, and the yard is decorated and filled with birds and small animals to watch. There is handmade art everywhere, and the most amazing Buddha sculpture that my cousins husband made. The cats are loved and spoiled, just as they should be.  I am very comfortable with my cousin. My cousins son, my second cousin, will be in town for the holidays and I am looking forward to spending time with him. I have always liked him even when he was a little boy though I have only seen him a few times in our lives. He has the same open friendliness.

Okay, you are all caught up on Tracy world.


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