The easiest insult ever

So, I have had two physical therapy sessions in a pool. The first one was two Fridays ago. I go in, I check in, then I go to the locker room, change, and go to the pool. There was one other person in the pool, an older man. Then PT Lynn comes in and spends 30 minutes directing me on how to fix my brokenness, watching with great care to make sure I am not hurting myself, and am doing things correctly.

This friday, I went in, checked in,changed in locker room, went to the pool, where there is one other person, an older man, and in comes Lynn the PT who says “are you Tracy?”


4 thoughts on “The easiest insult ever

  1. You had lost so much weight and your figure had changed accordingly that the PT was like could that really be the Tracy I saw last week???

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