The Eyes have it!

Picked this soup up at the organic store today. I did not expect to like it but was pleasantly surprised. Not the greatest thing I’ve ever had but really quite acceptable! I will buy it again.



Went to the eye Doctor today so I’m sporting the big black eyeball that cannot focus.


Yes, I realize it’s not a terribly flattering picture! My skin looks old. 🙂 Just dry today.

When I go to the eye doctor they take pictures of the inside of my eye and then compare them year to year. I have a mole inside that they watch to make sure it never starts growing.

So here are my Eye Portraits!

My Right Eye!
My Right Eye!
My Left Eye
My Left Eye

They were extra special nice to me. The doctor said my eyes were dry, probably as a result from chemo so he gave me a sample of natural tears. Then I ordered new glasses and the optician was just wonderful with helping me customize some lenses to actually fit how small my face was. All in all, a good day.


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