The Leaning Tower of Babble


This is my list of workouts in June.



This is my list of workouts in July! YAY! Finally back on the upswing.


This was breakfast the other morning. Leftover stew with toast and horseradish and a pile of baby spinach. Fresh spinach is one of the few leafy things I can eat (in moderation) so when I remember I add it to random things.

I am supposed to be on vacation in Canada this week but my husbands schedule got changed at the last minute. Because of that I skipped a chemo so I am feeling extra good this week and It may be the reason my burn finally starting healing quickly!! I also upped my game and started going to a few earlier workouts which are just plain old HARD.


I  babble. The trigger for me babbling is if I think someone has misunderstood or misconstrued something I have said. Even if it’s the tiniest thing, it makes me start trying to clarify or explain. And off I go onto long drawn out explanations. Terrible habit.

Todays big plans: Shower – skipping my morning treadmill. Letting my hips have a little break – then off to the doctor. Then home for breakfast/lunch. Then maybe off to the Botanical gardens to get some steps in and catch some Pokemon – then home. Then off to meet some friends for Dinner & a Movie. I accidentally invited myself. :0 Two friends were talking about their dinner plans for tonight and I said “Oh! I want to go” assuming it was a work dinner because they were talking about work too. Imagine my surprise when they said OK! Then I said – OK! I may start doing that more often.

Okay – we’re all caught up again.



3 thoughts on “The Leaning Tower of Babble

  1. I’m a babbler. Which then leads to mumbler, because I usually walk away chastising myself for babbling. quite a sight I’m sure…… 🙂

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