the men’s & the womenses

I was thinking about the ways men and women are different. I think both men and women do a certain amount of self-reflection. Looking at their personalities and behaviors. I think both men and women are likely to try and figure out why they behave the way they do. I also think that generally speaking men are more likely to say “this is me, this is how I am” while women seem to spend more time trying to actually change their behaviors and mold themselves into the people they would like to be.



Do you disagree with me?




4 thoughts on “the men’s & the womenses

  1. In my opinion, men spend a lot less time on self reflection, and when they do, I think it is from a different angle than women. They might arrive at a why, but are just as likely to be okay with it as they are to want to effect a change. Women are more likely to look at something they perceive as “wrong”, or something they could do better, and want to change it.

    And I wonder how much of that male reflection is a result of…guidance…from a female? 😉

  2. Guidance from females…. I agree with Susan. I question self reflection in men. I don’t think most me do it. Unless forced to then they have no idea how to make change. Or this might just be my mood today