The Plan

Met with my Radiation oncologist yesterday. He said I am an excellent candidate for the SBRT procedure, one more hurdle crossed. I felt much better after that. Being in the limbo of someone telling you your cancer is growing but having no set plan in place is too much for my constantly planning brain.

Here is the current plan. Next Tuesday I will go in for a planning and plotting appointment. They will pop me in a CT Machine n and take a 4D picture of my lungs and breathing. They actually put a weight on your diaphragm to keep you breathing shallowly. I am interested to see this 4D image and have been assured that the DR in charge that day will happily let me com look! Then they will tattoo small black dots on my chest so that there will always be identical alignment on the machine.

I will go away and they will review my scans and make a plan. After the plan is made they will schedule probably five radiation sessions over a two week period. So probably the week after next as a start date, carrying over to the first week of the new year.

There are minimal side effects with this procedure. Because of where my tumor is, closer to the center of my body and esophagus and ❤️ they are quite careful, which is why I will most likely get lower doses five times versus a single super high dose. The internet says I will be very fatigued, and my past radiation experience agrees with this. There is some potential for something I can’t think of the name of, like a radiation induced pneumonia but it is a slim chance. That is really all that is expected in terms of effects.

i will stop chemo, so really just skipping the next one, for the duration. Maybe I will get lucky and by the time I am ready to rsume chemo I will resume on a new med!

Onward to the next stage of the adventure.


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