The rest of the story….

So this is what happened next.

You know I got kicked out of the trial because my ablated tumor was growing. Even though my other tumors were dying. This irked me something fierce for the obvious reason but also because it doesn’t make any sense. The medicine they were giving me that was killing those tumors was chosen because of the genetic profile of the tissue sample that was done on the ablated tumor!

I had a talk with my doctor on Sunday morning (yes, he called me to check in) and something I said must have finally piqued his curiosity as well because this morning I got a call first thing that he had ordered a PET scan for me and wanted it marked as high priority so he could get the results this week before he went on vacation.
So Yay me! It may still show that the ablated tumor is actually growing more cancer but at least we’ll find out if it’s something, or if it’s just weirdness leftover from the ablation.

Fun little park in Ann Arbor Michigan with my daughter yesterday.


This picture makes me laugh because look at my hair on the top. It was really humid and my poor short hair just doesn’t know what to do! I get this clump of hair that starts slowly going on!

IMG_20150614_121745138_HDR IMG_20150614_122222887 IMG_20150614_122704788_HDR IMG_20150614_122934234 IMG_20150614_123040641_HDR IMG_20150614_125700292
IMG_20150614_130610826_HDR IMG_20150614_171756122_HDR IMG_20150614_174141643_HDR


5 thoughts on “The rest of the story….

  1. I’m happy you have a doctor that has a passion to heal people. Praying for the best 🙂

    Looks like a beautiful park! What is the name of it so I can look up the length of the trails?


  2. So glad your doc is attentive! When is the scan? That’s a really neat looking park! I love the kids play area.

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