The time when I fell out of the sky

Yesterday I did something I’ve always wanted to try. Skydiving.

My sister and husband and I packed up on Friday and drove a couple of hours to Dayton Ohio. We stayed the night there and then on Saturday morning we headed out for the Middleton Airport that houses Start Skydiving.

I was very very anxious all of Saturday morning right up until we got to the place. As soon as we got there and saw the setup I immediately felt better. It’s just the unknown that I have a problem with. We filled out all of the paperwork and then had to watch the 10 minute video waiver of all rights to ever sue anybody, ever, for anything. Then we went to the hanger. We passed through the patio with the BBQ going and the big viewing area and checked out the setup. It was a great place. Lots of fun people all milling around. We had to wait about 3 hours total before it was our turn. It gave us plenty of time to watch and figure out what was going on and how things work. By the time it was our turn there was no anxiety, we were just ready to go!

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IMG_7564 Tracy Murray 004 - Copy

We had a videographer assigned to each of us who they hung out with us too. My Tandem guy was Kyle, and my sisters was Will. Will was on a flight immediately before ours so he wasn’t involved much in the prep. My lady from Brazil videographer took care of getting us suited up, then Kyle went ahead and harnessed both Erin & I all up tight. He was a great personable guy. That’s my husband up there. Not Kyle.

Then Erin and I sat down on some benches and waited for our plane.

Tracy Murray 024

Here’s Kyle!
Tracy Murray 037 Tracy Murray 038


Onto the plane, then off it goes! The plane ride was smooth and easy, and then I got to climb onto Kyles lap while he hooked us together, very very tightly, which is good,  because he was the one with the parachute. The plane back door opens, the videographers go, then before you know it your being walked off the edge into the air. It is so fast, and so high, and so crazy that you really aren’t absorbing anything as it happens. I can not say that I am a fan of free falling! It’s too much pressure on you, literally, air pressure, and like 120 MPH. I didn’t enjoy the feeling of tumbling in the air.  Kyle opened the parachute and things slowed way way down. He undid some of the harnesses so I could breath again and took off my goggles. Then we were just drifting around. It was really something.


Tracy Murray 052

Landing was ridiculously easy. The entire falling part was about 6 minutes, I think. Maybe more. Then we bought t-shirts, and we were done!

This is the link to the video, it has clips by the videographer as well as the hand camera Kyle had.




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