What Bursts Your Bubbles?

There was a man who slept in a bed full of bubbles. It was a delightful bed that surrounded him with comfort in the lightest most amazing way.

As he slept the bubbles would create tiny bubbles that attached themselves to his arms and legs and the very top of his head.

He would wake up in the morning and almost float out of bed. He felt light and happy and looked forward to bounding through his day.

The man who was almost as light as a bubble would begin his day in the normal way. He would wash his face and brush his teeth. He would play with his puppy and sometimes a few bubbles would stick to the puppy’s tail and make it stand a little higher and wag a little faster.

Breakfast was always the next order of the day, the man would sit down at his table with his healthy tasty breakfast and open his electronic news giving device. The news was sometimes very bad. Bad people doing bad things for bad reasons while telling everyone how good they were. The mans arms would droop a little as he held his newsgiving device and some of the bubbles would get burst!

After breakfast it was time for the man to go to work.  Every morning he would pick up his work case and it’s would be a little heavier than he expected because he had lost some of his arm bubbles. He would climb in his car and start the drive to his job. All of the other people would be driving to work at the same time and sometimes they would not be paying attention and they would cause the man to have to suddenly slow his car. The movement would usually burst some of the bubbles on his feet and legs. By the time he got climbed out of his car at work his legs felt heavy and his steps were slow.

The man worked all day at his desk. He talked on phones, and typed on computers doing the things that he did. He didn’t feel like he was making much difference to people while he working and sometimes he was so tense he would drop his head into his hands and just sit. Sometimes the bubbles on his arms and his head would burst from the weight. When he finally stood up to go home his head felt heavy and his shoulders were just too much to hold up straight.

The man drove home in the same heavy traffic causing the same quick and anxiety inducing driving decisions that burst some of his bubbles earlier. He was always happy to get home. When he walked in the door of his little house his puppy would be right there to greet him. The puppy’s tail would wag so hard that some of the bubbles from the morning would fly off and sometimes they would land on the mans chest and make him feel a little lighter.

But then the mans wife would come home. She was not a very nice person and she would almost always yell at the man. Usually it was about things she thought he hadn’t done correctly. He would spend a lot of time trying to appease his wife. He would try to hug her and help her carry her things in from the car. Usually this would pop more bubbles from all over the man!

After the man made dinner for the wife and himself he would sit down in his big fluffy chair and watch television. He tried to watch only sports because otherwise the news of the day would be too much for him. Sometimes as he watched sports he would have his laptop open and pay bills. This frequently made him very tense and he would yell at the sports people, and he would slam his hand down on the laptop. If there were any bubbles left on my they would usually pop from the pressure of his yell.

Finally it was time for the man to go to bed! His body was so tired by now from the changing weight of the day of popped bubbles that he would have to slowly and gently lower himself into his bed of bubbles. As he pushed himself down and began to breathe more slowly at the relaxing feel of the hundreds of bubbles sleep would slowly come to him. As he slept the bubbles would start to stick and by the time the alarm went off in the morning to start another day over he would bound out of bed filled with the lightness of the bubbles.



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