They aren’t going to throw you a cancer shower though

No actual nutrition in this one, but more about mind & cancer.

I have a friend with cancer – who am I kidding, I have so many friends with cancer! Oh, well that is not true either. I know a lot of people with cancer! There we go.

Anyway – so today I was emailing with one and had an epiphany.

For most people, I would never presume to speak for all, but for most thinking people, once you have cancer, you have it for life. It is always in your thoughts somewhere. Some days it is closer to your forehead, some days the thought it was far back in your mind. Some days it’s shooting the word cancer out of your eyeballs like the Bat Signal.

Once you have been diagnosed, regardless of what happens next you will be changed. You cannot, not think of cancer.

So, my friend today was a male. And it suddenly occurred to me that he was experiencing something that could be related to something else.

Pregnancy!  From the moment I found out I was pregnant it was always in my thoughts. I had nine months or so of constant thought about being pregnant, about that small little being growing inside of me. I could not, not be thinking about it.

So for any guys out there who are fathers, and who get cancer, you now know why your wife always seemed so distracted when she was pregnant. Why suddenly you always came second. She had no choice.

And for any of you women out there who may have a man in your life who is dealing with cancer, you can hopefully understand how he is feeling.

OR all of this is just the way things were for me and doesn’t apply to anybody else!


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