Things People have said to me.

Mary Beth suggested I write the things that you should say to people with cancer from my own perspective. I started thinking of things that people have said or done that touched me, and this is my list.  If you recognize yourself on this list, then THANK YOU!


1 I am sorry, I will be thinking of you and hoping/prayer/wishing for the best for you.

2. Would you mind if I emailed/texted you every once in awhile to see if you need anything?

3. I am making chocolate chip cookies for you next week, milk or dark?

4. I imagine this will be very difficult for a while but as I’ve gotten to know you I have realized that you are very strong and I believe if anyone will come out the other side even stronger, it is you.

5. OMG Again? That totally sucks, I am so sorry!

6. Actions – Unexpected cards in the mail are amazing.

7. Actions – same with unexpected texts and emails just to check on someone, no pressure to answer/talk right away (it is amazing how busy and chaotic life is with cancer) but letting me know they were thinking about me.

8. Curious questions are never out of line. It let’s me know you are thinking about me and want to know what is going on. Some of the things I’ve been asked: How often do you have chemo? Does it hurt? Will there be any other kind treatment? How is your family doing?



3 thoughts on “Things People have said to me.

  1. Oh, this is wonderful! I think this gives us a road map how to approach you and know that it is okay to talk about what is happening with you. I am glad that you are okay with us asking questions. I always want to know what is going on with you.

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