This week!

Last night, for the first time in at least a week I got some quality sleep. From about 1 to 9 (yes, I said 9!!) I only woke up a couple of times. I really needed that.

This week will be filled with running around and getting ready for the first Christmas dinner at my house. My sister has done a wonderful job of doing Christmas dinner for a couple of decades so this year I demanded it. She however will cook for the carnivores!

Today I will meet an old friend for coffee and go to Costco and buy our condo a Christmas present of replacing our slider with a brand new Garden View French door. Well, I will sign the contract and pay for half. About six weeks to have it made and install. It’s a nice plain door even though my heart calls for something fancy. My view and lack of windows calls for as much clear glass as possible. I will also run to our old house and pick up a table that we were going to throw out buy which I think I need for Christmas dinner – sit down dinner for 10 doesn’t fit on my tiny little IKEA table.

Tomorrow – Trip to IKEA for a few wine glasses, some Christmas dinner side dishes – my daughter and husbands favorite – and maybe a stack of festive napkins or towels to use for placemats, or bread warming towels. Plus I realized we actually don’t have enough forks! I have thought about tossing all of our hodgepodge, and buying matching silverwear for 10 but I don’t know. I don’t mind everyone having different types, I think it’s kind of fitting to us.

Wednesday – Grocery shop for dinner. I have been picking up things everytime we’re in a store but I need one more PUSH.

Thursday – Start actual dinner prep and clean house.

Friday – Family!

I took my last antibiotic yesterday so I would like to start working out again this week. The drugs definitely made a difference. I am still coughing but I am breathing better and when I could it is not quite so disgusting. My stress is going to be that my doctor said it’s important that I pay attention and if at the end of the week I think there is still infection call and get a second round of antibiotics. If it was as big and ugly as he thinks one week may not be enough. So, I am going to be all paranoid trying to figure this out because it’s important. I don’t want to take more antibiotics that I need but I don’t want the infection to just hang out there and in three weeks when they do a CT scan have them think it’s actually cancer and not infection.I sure do with there was a better way.

Allright, I guess I will get out of bed now!




1 thought on “This week!

  1. Glad you got some great sleep. That totally makes a difference!

    Mismatched silverware doesn’t bother me, either, and it’s what we use for “everyday”, but I will admit that I got one set “for good”.. Not that it is really good quality, but it matches and I enjoyed seeing it at a set table. I don’t put it in the dishwasher, either, which is a pain. I think the dishwasher has taken its toll on my everyday set.

    Sounds exciting to be able to have your family over! I think your new place is so nice!

    I always wanted French doors over sliders. The only thing is that I think my space is just too tiny, and also we have such fierce winds I had visions of the doors getting ripped out of our hands and smashing against the wall of the house! Bet they will be gorgeous!

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