Three days in.

Well, moving day was Tuesday. It was our first night of sleeping in our new home. We have been here for three nights. It definitely feels like home. I am very happy.

I have approximately 1007 boxes still in the garage that I am saving for my housewarming party. Everyone will be required to bring in a box, unpack it, find an actual place to fit all of the garbage that’s in the box, break down the box, put it back in the garage and then they may have a glass of wine.

I do not want to unpack anything else because right now the condo is perfectly uncluttered. it’s also very undecorated and will probably stay that way for awhile.

We did not bring our desk or our dining table so there will be an IKEA trip this weekend. We will also stop at Trader Joes to pick up a couple dozen bottles of the aforementioned wine.

I am happy.


2 thoughts on “Three days in.

  1. I am so happy for you. Nothing like a fresh start. I once heard a decluttering expert say to date the boxes and let them sit for however long and if you don’t open the box then put it into the trash. Unopened. I couldn’t do that.

    Happy new home!

    1. Thank you!! I am perfectly content to let the boxes sit in the garage until my kids have to deal with them when Corey and I are gone! By then some of them will b worth quite a bit of money!

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