Throwback Tuesday?

This was posted on Facebook but I thought I would share it again for those of you not on my Facebook who care.

My husband and I were walking through the Art Museum last month and we stopped to rest in the Peristyle. I was taking a picture of him in this beautiful grand setting and he said to me – “but my hair is a mess”.

Corey Murray at the Toledo Museum of Art
Corey Murray at the Toledo Museum of Art

I off course whipped off my hat. As far as I know this is the only picture of me without a head covering. I would much rather have pictures of no hair, than no make-up!

This is me sans hair.
This is me sans hair.

Today is the Tuesday after chemo. So today I am feeling pretty good. My body is getting back to normal. My heart rate still goes really really high and hard if I walk from room to room, and just taking a bath was exhausting but my mind is clearer and feeling happy. I bitch and complain about the side effects but right now most of them are temporary so I really don’t mind. I just like to chronicle things. So I remember.

I will worked from home for half a day today, the other half a sick time. Tomorrow I will go into the office and hopefully for the rest of the week. So many things to take care of.

I will have dinner tonight with my sister, and then dinner with friends on Friday. Vet for Frankie on Saturday. That’s way more plans than I usually have during this week! I’m pretty sure I have something else, but I’ll be darned if I can remember what it is. I rely so much on those reminder phone calls from Doctors for appointments.

I think I will go find the cat, just to make sure he’s not trapped somewhere: it’s very unusual for him to be in a room by himself. Then I will go find lunch and a nap!





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