Time slip

I feel like I have been in a cocoon the last couple of weeks, unable to interact outside of it.  My brain has just had to many things going and I am unable to step ouside of it! Mostly it was filled with a new puppy and a cold. I have been so careful to take care of myself with this cold because I just cannot afford (healthwise) to let it become anything worse in my lungs. It is still here, and I am coughing, but not too bad so I think I escaped any damage. I was also just very sick, itestinally speaking. It is like my last sandostatin shot just did not work. I get it every four weeks. I got my next dose four days ago and started feeling lots better by Monday. Sometimes I feel bad about the amount of drugs I have to to take to live a semi-normal life but, meh,it is better than curling up in bed for 18 days out of the month.

When you are chronically sick it is exhausting.Just all encompassing exhausting. You can not function with the rest of the world because all of your energy it taken up just trying to get through your day. I know so many people with chronic illness who live every day of thier lives in pain, I just want you to know, I undertand.

I have also been not in a good place in my head. I think it ties in together, when you do not feel good physically, your attitude cannot be happy and giving all the time. I hope I haven’t been mean to anyone without noticing.

I am better.





3 thoughts on “Time slip

  1. I’m sure your brain is pretty appalled at the drugs you are pumping into it and is fighting back. We are amazing self-preserving machines. I’m glad your puppy is there to keep you amused while your body and your meds do their thing.

  2. i am glad you are feeling better. Yours is a hard road. I give you lots of credit – you have traveled it with so much grace.

    I love that picture of you and Frank and Dusty, such a face! She is so cute.

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