Will be a day of walking. That last chemo really knocked me on my ass. The steroids kept me going for two days but when they wore off, bam, flat on the mat. I really don’t know why. It shouldn’t have. I can only assume that my body is just so pissed off at the toxic stuff I keep putting in it that now it’s just in revolt. I hope as the months roll on my body will adjust.

So today I will just try to rebuild.  I haven’t really been able to eat and that is step 1. I will go to the fabric store. I will do a load of laundry. Maybe I will walk in the neighborhood instead of a park so I am close to home.

I want to buy a condo today! I hate this back and forth stuff! I think it’s built into the process to give the mortgage company time to do paperwork. I just want it done and keys in my hand. JUST GIVE ME WHAT I WANT.






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