Thinking about staying in bed all day. Just not feeling it.

I woke up at 2:00 am with a headsplitting headache. The kind that makes you curl up in a ball on the bathroom floor. Now I have just a normal headache but my stomach feels bad. I’ve been slowly working myself off of the heavy duty acid blocker they had me on during chemo and that’s a horrible process. Anyone who has ever been on nexium and tried to stop will understand. The rebound effect is just terrible. I was on Nexium for a couple of years because of an ulcer and then stopped it. Blech.

Did you know kids have more taste buds than adults? I have Modern Marvels on TV while I type this and they are showing how different candies are made. Fascinating.

I am going to Texas next week for a couple of days. It will be nice to get warm.

My husband has been out of the country for a week so I have concentrated on getting some strength back. I have been on the treadmill for three miles a day and been hitting a yoga class three times a week. I also moved my giant rubber ball into the living room so I do random ball exercises. I really have no muscle left and it affects everything else. I have a finite amount of time before I’ll start some sort of treatment again and I would like to get as strong as possible before then to handle whatever comes as well as possible. The lung biopsy and tumor ablation really put a damper on my plans. I’m still having a lot more lung issues since then. It feels like that weird burn you get in your lungs when you’re at the beginning of a lung sickness, like bronchitis. All this cold air is not helping at all.

All right. enough public whining. I think I will go read my book and think about breakfast.





7 thoughts on “Today

  1. That headache sounds just terrible in addition to the stomach stuff. YIKES! Not a pleasant way to start the day.

    Lucky kids! I feel like I don’t taste nearly as much as I used to. I noticed I have been adding more seasoning to get food to taste right.

    The Texas trip sounds fun and warm. I bet it will be wonderful to be warm all the way through. I sure hope we get a nice warm up here soon.

    I’ve been watching your Fitbit stats and it has been quite impressive.

    1. I think my sense of taste is much better than it used to be. For me I think it’s because I smoked for so many years, and now don’t, and also because of finally taking care of all of my apparent allergy issues.

  2. YAY Texas! Is your beloved meeting you there?
    I had no idea about nexium! I’m going to google to see how and why.

    1. I googled “breaking the nexium habit” and got a few hits. Here’s another fun one to Google “weight gain with nexium”.
      I finally started losing weight when I got off of the nexium after a year of exercise and good eating while still gaining. It was very frustrating for me.
      I’m kind of bitter about Nexium. It’s so often prescribed. I think because it’s an easy low side effect kind of medicine. But really, shouldn’t the underlying problem be fixed if possible?
      They put me on IV Prilosec during chemo and also Omeprazole capsules daily. It has SUCKED trying to get back off of it but I really want to be taking as little meds as I possibly can so when I have a problem I know about it instead of the meds taking care of it before I can make adjustments to my diet, or whatever.
      And part 2 of my long answer;
      I agreed to go to Texas from 03/31 to 04/03 and then a week later Corey agreed to go to Mexico until 03/31 so we will just pass each other at the Airport! It will be nice to spend a couple of days with the Texas people especially since this will probably be the last time I see most of them in person. No reason to go to Plano after this.

  3. Okay…the whole nexium thing totally pisses me off. We have to take the least amount of stuff we can. I had a bad experience in the hospital with flagyl, anti nausea medication, throwing up my guts every time it was time for a new bag and the fact that I put on 8 pounds of water weight from the GD IV that the dr wouldn’t turn down. Then sending me home with all of these broad spectrum antibiotics with no mention of my intestinal floura……we really have to watch out for everything ourselves.

    Jenny told me to finally just refuse the flagyl. And I’m a green juice andi probiotic fanatic now to avoid all of the horrible yeast possibilities. OKAY. Rant over

    1. I am so glad you are doing the right things for yourself!!
      I take a great pre/pro biotic that I buy off of Amazon. Smells like manure, and it’s called something like a dirt probiotic so it may actually contain manure, but it works great. After I had radiation I did some research on my ongoing intestinal issues and read that if you have chemo & radiation at the same time on your abdomen it’s almost impossible to ever get your digestive system to work correctly on it’s own ever again. yay.
      I’m surprised they were dosing you that heavily with anti-nausea meds. I think one of the universal side effects it’s constipation which you would think they would want to avoid!

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