Today’s complaint du jour

I guess I will call the 2nd week after chemo hand week. My hands are very painful this week. The neuropathy is much worse this week and then it will ease off next week. My fingers get hot, and they swell. And then they shrink, and then they swell and then they crack. Since I don’t heal very quickly by the time I start to heal they are starting to swell and shrink again.


IMG_20151201_104012758 IMG_20151201_103928573

Last night I took my 16 year old niece with me to the gym. She did very well. She has much more stamina than me, but I am stronger. I’m not entirely sure she has any muscles.

Today is tuesday. I am waiting for many phone calls to confirm or schedule things and need to wait till wednesday to follow up on that. I have a list of a gazillion things for Wednesday.  So today’s only plan is to run and get dog food and to haul out my empty water bottles for the delivery exchange tomorrow. Other than that it’s all on my whim. Friday is my designated rest day so that will be for reading and painting so today…hmmmm Maybe I will alternate between incredibly productive and watching television and eating. :0



4 thoughts on “Today’s complaint du jour

  1. Oh man! Your poor little hands and fingers. That looks like that hurts a lot.

    What a wonderful thing to do with your niece. I hope she goes back with you. The best gift a young women could get is to go and get fit and maybe learn the value of exercise while she is young.

    I hope your Wednesday goes well. Get your stuff done today if you can, we are getting snow today so maybe you will be getting it tomorrow.

    1. It is really does. 🙁 I am doing my standard round of trying anything and everything so hopefully I will find a solution.
      I told Hayley to wait a couple of days before making a decision but that she was welcome to come with any and every monday and she texted me today and asked if she could come with me again next monday. I think you are right. If she learns now how good it makes you feel and all of the benefits, including confidence it gives you, it can’t be anything but a positive. I think I will buy her her very own pair of padded gloves so she can really enjoy the hitting like I do. :0
      When we were leaving one of my trainers repeatedly complimented me on how hard I always work. It was the best compliment I could have gotten.

  2. I sometimes get little cracks that hurt like hell. I can’t imagine how those must hurt. I hope you find something that works.

    You seem to be a hard worker in all that you do. It is one of things I admire about you. It is nice when people notice and say so. I am glad that the trainer not only noticed but mentioned it to you.

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