Todays Test – Passed with a C

It was much better than I expected! The man who administers the test was pretty forthcoming which is a nice change. So much better than having to wait for a doctor followup appointment. He said it looks like I’ve developed asthma, but not very bad. So, YAY!

I know, random people reading this may not think it’s a yay, but with my family history believe me it is! Two parents with emphysema and seeing the ravages it takes on a body makes this little chickie quite happy to have a preliminary diagnosis of asthma. He gave me a couple of puffs of albuterol as part of the test and I feel better. Not great, but better! I hope my doctor just calls in a script for it while I’m waiting for our followup in March. Oxygen is a pleasant thing to have. So, everyone breathe easy (hahaha) for another month.

Tomorrow is oncologist follow appointment. The fun never ends.



3 thoughts on “Todays Test – Passed with a C

  1. Oh joy! Now that news does make me joyful and it will brighten Craig’s day, too. His father has and his grandfather had emphysema so he was concerned when I told him.

    I hope the albuterol does the job. I know I am not a doctor and my stuff is different but they gave me an albuterol inhaler and a steroid inhaler. The steroid inhaler relieved the inflammation and really helped me much more than the albuterol. Lets see what was my diagnosis? It was allergy induced ashthma. I know this is probably different from what you have.

    Anyway enough yammering about me – I am happy for you!!!

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