Too long for Facebook

Good Morning! I was just looking through my FB memories (smartest thing they implemented IMO) and I see exactly I year ago I was diagnosed with my 3rd round of cancer.

Minutes before I had been reading Heathers post. Heather was just recently upgraded to Stage 4. I hope Heather is as lucky I have been and has an amazing Doctor who never stops looking for solutions. Since day 1 of Stage 4 , four years ago, when I said to my Doctor that palliative wasn’t good enough he has done what I needed him to do,

On my list of things to ask my Dr at my next appointment is what he has planned for when the cancer pops up again, and he will have an answer, He is always one step ahead.

I also am going to have him request a new report from the company that did the gene testing on my tumor cells in 2014. Foundation One. They keep the tissue and can rerun it against their database of clinical trials and known drug interactions, I had a copy of the original report but I am smarter now and would like to see it again. Especially since I just spent a week writing a paper on just this type of testing,

So the point of this post is just don’t give up. 

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