Tracy version of the summertime blues

I am a fraud. I have lost all oomph, passion, ambition. I just want to sit on my deck and play games or watch Netflix. The thought of doing anything else makes me think of the deck time I would be missing. Every moment being inside is a moment of bliss I won’t get back. How weird is that? Am I really so scared of the shortness of life that I cannot bear the thought of missing one hour of doing what I want to do by doing what I need to do?

I need to find a balance.




4 thoughts on “Tracy version of the summertime blues

  1. Who was it that said “time spent doing what you love is never wasted”? Summer is so short when you live in the north, who can blame you for wanting to soak all of it up that you can. So stand up & do some excersize on your deck. Why not. Put an eliptical out there. Or do laps with Dusty. πŸ˜€
    Personally, I’m getting so claustrophobic in my old (new!) age.maybe too many cold snowy rainy days behind me, that I want to spend every single second I can in fresh air. The cold will be here soon enough & that deck won’t be so inviting. 😊

    1. You my lovely friend are an enabler!
      It is such a beautiful gorgeous day here already. Sunny with a breeze and no chance of rain. High in low 80’s. I feel another day of deck life is in order.

  2. I say soak it up! If I didn’t have to go to work I would live in the hammock or the swing outside!

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