True Story

My husband has been working at the same place for 25’ish years. He has traveled all around the United States. Some of the places he has been, Dubai, France, Scotland, York, Columbia. Yes I know I switched between cities and countries. And honestly that list needs to have like 30 places added to it.

Whenever someone finds out about all the traveling he has done the first thing they say is ”do you ever get to go with him”. My answer is always, well I could have, but no. In the last 25 years we have never successfully gone on one of his work trips together. He has gone with me, but never me with him.

We are going to try again in August. What prompts this monumental event? Is it because he is going someplace so amazing that I cannot miss it?  A once in a lifetime opportunity to see one of the wonders of the world? He has already seen the Great Wall in China, the oceans of Greece, the Waterfalls of South America, I have not. I could take my new found love of photography and my  amazing hand-me-down Nikon and really make memories.

No, we are going to tiny little town in Illinois, Population 13,000!

But, I will get a little break from home in hopefully a nice hotel with a pool and I will be a little closer to a friend that I can drive and hopefully spend some time with.

I am quite excited!


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