typing on the little keyboard again

Which means lots of mistakes.

I am up to 400 mgs of gabapentin twice a day and I think the neuropathy is still getting worse. Does not  bode well for the next dose of chemo on Tuesday. I was going to look up the standard dose to see where I am on the scale but I got sidetracked. Pressure does not hurt my fingera if it’s even over the finger but many kind of edge does hurt. Putting on earrings is probably the moat painful thing I have run into. I don’t type these things for sympathy but so its understood. When someone tells you they have neuropathy in their fingers don’t think they’re exaggerating because they can hold a glass, ask them to hold a screw in their fingertips and see what happens.


I met a very old friend that I have not seen in 25 years for coffee yesterday. It was wonderful and somehow closed  an open loop that was in my life. Just feels better.

I have The Librarian running on the television in my room while I type this. I am pretty sure this is my kind of show, if it’s done well. I am recording it all day for future binge watching.


Today holds a trip to Costco and a trip to show carnivalStillin search of the perfect black boot. I saw a lovely pair at famous footwear yesterday, not in my size of course. I may have to give in and order them. Never mind. After typing that I went to their website and now I can’t remember which boot it was! #middleclassproblems right?

Allrighty! Pills have kicked in! Time to get up and take a bath.

Life is good.





5 thoughts on “typing on the little keyboard again

  1. How did you find your old friend again?

    My mom had reynoud syndrome from her auto immune disease (s). Her hands would feel useless when her hands got cold. Just through that in.

  2. Hubby takes lots of Gabapentin. It’s supposed to keep him from getting migraines. He still gets them, but not as often and they are usually less severe.
    Pain is a pain! and, as you know, there are some kinds that just can’t be relieved–Unless you are willing to be in a stupor.
    It’s great that you met your friend after so long. I recently became Facebook friends with some of the girls I went to high school with. When I saw pictures of them, I realized that I would not have known them if I had seen them on the street! Duh me, people change in 30 years!!

  3. How is the gabapentin working out for you? Do you have many side effects?
    FB has helped me reconnect with some old friends, I think some day I would like to connect in person. I’ve had chances to, that I have regretfully not taken advantage of.

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