Unfriendly People!

Yesterday I was really teetering on the edge. I’ve been able to keep this whole cancer chemo thing in perspective pretty well but this week has been difficult. Yesterday my doctor called and said that we needed to move forward with the chemo now because there just isn’t any clinical trial available, that’s cool. That was the expected result. I wasn’t really feeling great yesterday either, I think I’m fighting off a bug on top of everything else. I had prepped myself for the start of chemo news and had mostly decided that if it was confirmed that I would start chemo locally I would go ahead and find a kitten to bring home. See, it all balances out. Some people reward themselves with food, I go for kittens. Still teetering but doing okay, and then one woman tipped me over the edge. I didn’t realize that she was my tipping point until last night.

I received a phone call from some woman who said she was with a Dr’s office that I had never heard of. She was calling to schedule a consultation for me with the surgeon who would implant my port. My veins are trashed from the last chemo so I will need it to be able to get the IV. It wasn’t the call, or the thought that made me sad, IT WAS THE WOMAN! She wasn’t rude per se, she was just unfriendly and somehow sounded like I was bothering her because she was forced to call me.

DUDE – here’s the rule; When you have to call someone and anywhere in the conversation you have to say the words “When will you start chemo?” you are morally obligated to be nice and friendly!

Everyone who reads this remember – one little conversation with a stranger can make or break someones day. You be the one who makes someones day!


That is all. I feel better now.



5 thoughts on “Unfriendly People!

  1. Sorry. Some people have forgotten how to be human and remain compassionate. Sad. I hope you can find a kitten or 4 to help bring some smiles and comedic relief πŸ™‚

  2. Let me at her! I will kick her butt for you. I am sorry you had to put up with that woman. I agree with you that anyone working with cancer patients should have an abnormally kind and empathetic disposition.

    I’m kind of hoping you end up at the humane society. I know it will be harder to decide but I think you have to meet kitties first and see if your personalities gel.

    I hope you are feeling much better today.

    1. I know Katy was hoping I would go to the humane society as well. She was worried I would find myself with a kitten I didn’t like. As if there is such a thing!
      I am feeling almost completely back to normal today. The benefit of the supplements and my amazing new immune system I think. Last night I ate two big pieces of broccoli. πŸ™‚

  3. Well, Katy and I see eye to eye on the choosing of a kitten. There are some kittens that aren’t snugly and I think you might want a snugly kitten.

    Tracy O Bryan Murray – I envy your ability to eat broccoli!!! I am glad you can eat it though. Enjoy!

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