Up Up and Away

Good Morning!

I wonder if people like to be my workout partner because I do everything slowly now? They don’t have to keep up. If that’s the case they are (hopefully) in for quite a surprise in a week or so! – Oh! Last night I was doing the easiest of all things with a kettlebell and thought wow this is harder than I expected – after I was done I looked and it was a 30 pound kettlebell. That’s PRETTY DAMN GOOD!

Met with my oncologist yesterday. I swear I was almost in full blown panic attack before I got there. I didn’t even know how anxious I was until I started driving there. When I looked at the CT scan I saw a whole lot of stuff in lung that wasn’t there before. I told my husband but I also told him it was probably my inaccurate reading, and I thought I believed myself until I was almost to the oncologist. The good news is that after a second opinion by my pulmonologistΒ who is an expert CT Reader everyone thinks it is all infection. THURSDAY! Infectious disease Doc on THURSDAY!!

My Oncologist made me feel better about the ID Doc. He said he has a really good rep among Doctors and that what I have is just really not common so having someone with a lot of experience is a very good idea. My Oncologist also seems to really respect my Pulmonologist. So I will keep on putting up with their annoying communication practices.

My oncologist is also now trying to get approval from my insurance company for a new med for damaged intestines – a monthly shot – I drove home picturing salads. πŸ™‚

New Hearing Aid Wednesday!! PURPLE with BLUETOOTH!

Our summer preview yesterday made me grab a pair of shorts which let me know that I do not have even one pair of shorts that fit me. I feel a trip to the thrift store is needed. My sister is having another clothing drive in May I think so I can get rid of a few boxes full of clothes.

Frank has a Vet appointment this morning. I feel bad for him. He gets so scared and he will be getting shots and a nail trim. Β πŸ™

I am getting very tired of being sick and of having three doctors appointments a week – but I think there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel.



4 thoughts on “Up Up and Away

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  2. A lot of good news here. I am glad you spoke to your oncologist about the new doc. Sometimes it is really good to get their opinion.

    Who would have thought infection would make us all happy. Certainly better than cancer. Once you have that right diagnosis and get on the right drugs, things will get better.

    Medicine for your guts! Wow – that would be great. πŸ™‚

    Glad to hear Frank did well at the vet. Good luck to Jesse.

    1. I keep trying not to think to.much about the gut fixing because really I had resolved myself to never getting that under control. But a once a month shot and no more daily pills by the handful? That’s a big thing.

  3. That all sounds like good news! I hope it means everything has righted and you’re on the road to good health and recovery! Yay for intestinal health! I hope the shots help!

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