I have never said that I am not vain. I have said that I don’t mind losing my hair as much as you might think. It’s not like I did something stupid and all my hair fell out. I have no control over this particular thing, so I don’t mind it.  EXCEPT every once in awhile a picture will pop up on my screen and I’ll think AHHHH !! Do you know how long it took me and my slow growing hair to get long enough to do a braid? Hmmm?




I went wig shopping with my sister yesterday at my husbands suggestion. Since my hair will be gone for another six to 12 months at the minimum it would be nice to occasionally not attract looks when I am out and about. I ordered one, the oddest thing is that my hair has always been so thin, and wigs are so thick, so everything looked wrong. I may have to find a wig styler to thin it out. It will be here next week.

I also, being the person that I am, sent my husband this picture yesterday and told this was the one I ordered.


My husband thought I was quite possible telling him the truth so he answered very carefully. 🙂

There are some fun wigs on Amazon. I may pick up a couple of cheap ones just to play with!


Oops never managed to actually push the button and publish that post up there.

Back to chemo today. In the interest of full disclosure I must admit it gets more difficult to tamp down the anxiety each time. I think I woke up every thirty minutes. It’s that thought that once I start  I know it’s the beginning of feeling bad and losing a week. It goes against human nature to just walk into that without fighting against it.


At least I know it’s doing some good!



2 thoughts on “Vanity

  1. I keep laughing at that purple wig and laughing. I can’t imagine your hubbies reaction.

    That was an awesome braid.

    I never really considered how hard it would be to go each successive time. Oh man, I am sorry. I am glad you have your wonderful sister to be with you.

    Big gentle hugs today.

  2. Ya..didn’t think about it either…most med procedures I’ve had lay me up for a day. Knowing this is the beginning of a week would make it very distasteful!

    I don’t question the fun with C and the purple wig. It’s something I would do too! Just for the sport!

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