Vodka for breakfast

Vodka gives a nice pleasant hazy feeling when it is drank in small doses. If you pop a shot or two of vodka in your morning orange juice it’s an excellent way to start the day! I usually like to have a smaller amount at lunchtime, maybe just one shot. If I am having soup I usually just toss it in there. For dinner, again I just do one shot in whatever I am drinking with my meal. Sometimes I like to have a cranberry juice cocktail kind of mix and toss it in there. That way I am getting some extra nutrients too! At night I try to stick right around three shots. It helps me sleep better. Vodka has no aroma and mixes with anything. No really, anything! You can put it in your oatmeal.

I am so amazed at the people who don’t have vodka every day. I just don’t know how they do it. I would not have the willpower to not have vodka. I just love it so much, and everyone around me is always drinking so I wouldn’t be able to resist.

This is the scenario that runs through my head when people say they could never be a vegetarian or vegan. So, if there is something out there that you love, but is bad for you, like smoking marijuana, or doing just a little line of coke, or eating a meal that is three days worth of fat content, or a piece of pork that is so filled with chemicals before it is slaughtered, it is okay to do it, because, well, because why??

If you see what is good and bad for you, and you believe it to be true, why do you choose to do the bad things? If you love to drink what stops you from doing it all day? Why don’t you use that same thought pattern for eating bad foods?

Now – one caveat here. There are many types of eating disorders, and this is not what I am talking about. But, deciding that giving up bacon and eggs and is too much effort is not an eating disorder.



7 thoughts on “Vodka for breakfast

  1. Well you got me, first I thought holy stuff, she’s a raging alcoholic??? but I knew that couldn’t be. You make a good point tho. I have to say that I haven’t been able to even think about eating cold meat since that cardiologist said to my dad what he said. But I ate a hot dog this weekend at the ball games because I needed to eat something or I was going to get a migraine and the only other choice was pizza that had a 2″ crust and very little topping. and I’d been eating too much bread lately and my stomach was paying for that already. Today I’ve felt sick all day and I’m still blaming it on the hotdog.
    Like you needed to know all that.
    I did want to mention something tho, speaking of the marijuana…I read something the other day about how it helps a lot of ppl with neuropathy. And I’ll just leave that there.

    1. I think marijuana is a fantastic treatment for neuropathy. ! I hope you’re feeling better. It’s hard when you feel like there are no good options to eat, but you have to eat!
      That’s really the problem I think for most things. You have to eat and it is so easy and tasty to ear things that make you feel bad but so much harder to find things to make you feel good.
      People kind of expect to feel bad after they eat. If you don’t feel full and bloated you must not have eaten enough. It’s all weird conditioning.

  2. Very powerful viewpoint!

    Of course, most people do bad things because usually they are pleasurable, at least to a point.

    I don’t consume much alcohol, but substitute “sugar” for vodka, and you got me.

    That’s why I KNOW I need to constantly monitor my intake, and a certain program works for me. Moderation is a good choice.

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