Wait, what now?

I hear this so often in support groups in different forms.

With most early stage cancers you go through the treatment regimen, they cut out your cancer and then the medical profession says “See Ya!” You go in for your prescheduled checkups and just hope for the best.

Everyone is different, so I can only tell you about me. What did I do to give myself some sort of control over the situation.

Get your body in shape

Less than 5% of women with Stage 1b cervical cancer and small tumors will have a reoccurrence. 30-40% of Stage 1b with bulky tumors will have a reocurrence.

That is almost the lowest stage, the safest stage of diagnosed cancer and still, 30-40% of cancers will pop their ugly heads back up. Get ready for it, NOW.

Get your body in shape. Learn about nutrition, eat the right foods. Get the right exercise. Take care of all of those pesky physical issues that you have been dealing with and just didn’t make the effort to fix. Bad cholesterol, diabetes, high fat percentage? These are ALL risks for cancer. They also will make it much more difficult to deal with additional treatments down the line so take care of it now! Be Strong, be tough! Get your immune system in fighting ready shape!

Get your mind in shape

Decide your priorities now and act on them. Want to get a better job so you have more security? Now is the time. Once you are rediagnosed you will not be in a position to bring a lot to the table for a new employer.

Want a better relationship with friends and family? NOW! DO IT NOW! Mend those fences.

Some people do better to never think about their impending cancer diagnosis, that wasn’t me. I needed to plot and plan. Prepare for the worse, hope for the best, right? Most people have a renewed sense of themselves after Cancer, use this to make yourself the person you really want to be.

Get your soul in shape

Give back. Join support groups, volunteer your time. It doesn’t have to be with Cancer based organizations, but find a way to help your fellow man. You will feel better about yourself and it will help you get right with yourself in the long term.





3 thoughts on “Wait, what now?

  1. That is such excellent advice. For everyone. It’s easier for some of us to think we’ll get right on that tomorrow. But we all should all be doing this today.

    1. It is an amazing thing when you finally really believe you are in fact human and could die at any moment.
      Getting chemo every three weeks is a constant reminder for me that I only have this one moment for sure, so I better make the best of it

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