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So I am stuck sitting here….I forgot how slow computers are. I will type an opinion piece about good vs bad trainers

I don’t believe anyone from my gym reads this blog so I won’t worry too much about people thinking I am talking about them. I am probably not, this is really more general. Through the years I have had a pretty good sampling of the different types of trainers.The good, the bad, the ugly and the awesome. Someone new may be teaching a class at my current gym and it made me start thinking about what makes a good trainer.

A good trainer;

Doesn’t have to be everyones friend, but does have to be friendly to everyone.

Offers options for people of different degrees of fitness without making anyone feel bad. **

Uses the people as resources. Need to get 20 weights out on the mat? Have  people grab them instead of letting them stand with a lowering heart rate watching you do it.

Notices if people are having trouble hearing them, and adjusts, Music & Voice

Notices if people are getting lost in the stations and adjusts the simplicity for the next time.

Pushes everyone, but especially the people who are new or look unsure.

Pays attention to how people are doing the moves and offers suggestions when needed. No one wants someone to get hurt, or hurt someone next to them!

Knows how to read their audience. Some classes just feel serious and people are there to work, some classes are filled with laughter and people are there to burn off stress as much as burn calories.

Of course the closest I ever got to being a trainer was yelling at people during a warmup because the trainer didn’t feel good. That was fun. 🙂

** Pet Peeve of mine – A trainer once put out weights that were too heavy for most of the class to do more than one or two reps, and neither of those reps with good form, and then said – “I don’t want to see anyone grabbing a lighter weight” So, 90% of the class got a three second station and felt bad about themselves. Most everyone knows that it should be challenging but you should be able to do at least 75% of the reps. Three seconds is only good for causing injury, not building muscle.


3 thoughts on “Waiting for files to transfer on a 2.0 USB cable to my phone….

    1. My gym gets it 100% right, 98% of the time. Which explains why people become so, um, I guess addicted and loyal to it. Neither of those are the right words but it’s close. It’s almost always a positive experience for people

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