Wasted Days & Wasted Nights

I was thinking today about people who waste time.
I have been going through and entering some information that was written on paper into the computer. This is information from cancer patients. As I do it I see that many many of them have died. I see that the majority of people diagnosed with cancer are all around my age. It does not make me maudlin but it does remind me of how lucky I am.

I have also been watching people who are currently going through chemo via some support groups. Some of these people start chemo and stop living. They just stop and wait for treatment to be over. I am not talking about people who are too sick to go dancing. I am talking about people who curl up in a little ball and sleep and eat ice cream and just wait for the time to pass.

What if when the time has passed you discover that the treatment was for nothing? Think of all the people you could have been laughing with. Think of all the books you could have been reading, and television shows you could be watching. What about all the emails to old friends and new relatives you could have been writing? Now, I have to admit, sleep is AWESOME when you don’t feel good and if you are getting poison pumped into your body, get as much sleep as you can, but don’t use it to escape.

Alright, sorry for the little tirade. Go on about your day, your beautiful exquisite day that you will never get to have again.
Just saying


2 thoughts on “Wasted Days & Wasted Nights

  1. It has to be hard to watch, for you, for their loved ones…. I know you’re talking about cancer and chemo here. But maybe it’s just who they are in the first place. Some ppl will fight through anything and some ppl will give up at the first hint of a problem. I’ve seen it myself. And that’s probably why I am so awed when ppl are in the fight but don’t let every hour of every day be about the fight. Well, maybe it is, but they’re still living their minutes and hours and days instead of letting them pass by. My neighbor…he’s not in bed, he gets up and keeps on doing his country life thing. My sister inlaw, the cross fitter through hell or high water, You…and the list goes on. <3 One more thing tho…I don't feel right saying this as I'm not in the position so I shouldn't judge. But everyone is going to go through something some day…if you have a family, especially kids, you are teaching them how to handle when the axe falls on them. I wonder sometimes how can that alone not motivate you. Sorry if I talked to much and over stepped anything here. It's just something I have thought about many times.

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