My niece and my dog and I went to Magee Marsh yesterday. My niece had never been there before, but my dog had. We took her at about this time last year when she was just a few months old and she was scared of the waves. She was not scared this time! Oh my goodness that dog loves water!

She kept trying to clean all the sticks out of Lake Erie. I am very glad I invested the six dollars in a fifteen foot leash for times like these. Her behavior was really good until we had been there about thirty minutes and then she was just done with listening. Too much adrenaline.

I have read about working shepherds have different collar/harness/leash setups for day to to day use and for “working” They know the difference. So I have a special leash for walking. Even though we own a bazillion leashes, when she has on this leash a certain behavior is expected and she seems to be going with it. I want to get another puppy just so I can use all of the things I have learned from growing with Dusty.


i am looking forward to starting a new adventure today! I will tell you about it tomorrow. It is a little unnerving because of a previously discussed bizarre phobia of mine.




2 thoughts on “Wednesday!

  1. My internet is extra weird today. Wouldn’t load the video, then when I tried to comment, it flipped me over to another post. That’s okay, I commented on that, too…I think!

    I like the different leash thing, a LOT, such a good idea!

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