What day is it?


I have been feeling not good for weeks. Just bad. No energy, no oompf, no joy. I just want to sleep and eat cookies. I hope it changes soon. I really dislike feeling this way. I am apparently healthy, or at least nothing new going on. Just no energy.

I have a new phone. A Droid MAXX – it’s so much bigger than my little HTC Trophy. It’s really just a mini tablet. I must try to get over the fun of playing with a new phone quickly or my data will get all used up! I have a Nexus tablet so basically it’s just like that but a little smaller and can make phone calls. At least I assume it can, I haven’t tried one yet .


I bought a pair of pants at Costco the other week. They are the brightest shade of blue! They were $9.00 so I figured if I wore them a couple of times I got my moneys worth. I put them on last week and they would NOT got over any part of me except my ankles. I just wanted to scream. Instead I folded them and put them in a drawer. This morning I grabbed them and slid them right on. That whole lymphedmia thing is no joke.  I remember when I went to the lymphedmia clinic. They measured me every four inches on both legs and diagnosed it as mild swelling, then a week later they measured me again and were astounded by the fact that in some places I was inches smaller. I can now tell you it’s at least one size different!


I use a rechargeable sonic toothbrush. At the two minute mark the tooth brush depowers for a moment to let you know it’s been two minutes. I do not travel with my toothbrush. When I use a manual toothbrush I find myself brushing for a very long time because I’m always waiting for the toothbrush to tell me to stop!

It took me three days to write this post. Today I put on another pair of pants and suddenly they don’t fit at all. Frustrating. Maybe it’s time to go back on a diuretic. Not the chemical kind, I’ll use a natural one.

I have done much exercise in the last three days and I feel better now. Do not underestimate the power of doing something good for yourself. I wish I had taken a picture of my arms back in November so you could see how far I’ve come.



5 thoughts on “What day is it?

  1. It sounds like that toothbrush is pretty cool. I just heard today that it’s better to spend more time burshing than taking the time to floss! I hope it’s true, because I hate to floss!
    Having your clothes fit one day and not the next must be so frustrating. I didn’t realize that the changes could happen so quickly. I have a ring that I can wear when the weather is cool, but not when it’s hot!

    1. I bought an herbal formula last time. I do not remember which one it was. I think it had all recognizable ingredients though.

  2. We just got sonic toothbrushes too. I’ve noticed that when I brush with an analog brush, I can’t really feel it. Do you really think they are better for you?
    Sorry about the lympedemia. But you do have really good taste in socks 🙂

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