What do 80’s TV & Tracys Cancer have in common?

Remember the big hoopla back in 1986 when Patrick Duffy had left Dallas and then he wanted to come back but since they had killed him off they couldn’t really just bring him back..or could they….. Yup – they did, they just dropped him naked in a shower and then his wife Pam said, Oh Bobby..you wouldn’t believe the crazy dream I just had, and they wiped out the whole previous season and just started again from where they left off the season before.

Well, todays oncology appointment was kind of like that. We’re just going to do a reset and pretend the last six months didn’t happen and start over with where we were in September. The chemo has stopped working and all of my tumors (still the same old ones, no new ones) are back to the size they were before we started chemo. Almost exactly.


So, we’ll try some new approaches now. Next week I will go get another biopsy with some additional testing done. My doctor wants to confirm that it is in fact HPV negative because if it is HPV positive I have a lot more options. He will also have a sample sent to Foundation One. If there are any specific mutations in it that can be pinpointed then we may also be able to pinpoint the specific medicine that will work best. One we have all of the information we will also start looking again for Clinical Trials. While they are in there doing the biopsy they will also do an ablation of the largest tumor. Mights as well get it out of there at this point. As long as the small tumors are still in there we have something to use as markers to see what treatments are working, or not. If no alternate treatments are indicated, and no applicable clinical trials found I will go back to chemo but with a different med. It will be Cisplatin, which is the standard cervical cancer chemo drug, weekly.

I got home and felt like a big blob. I sat on the couch and drank a cup of coffee while reading a book and eating a cookie. I was wrapped up in my electric blanket getting warm and toasty.
I decided I better go walk on the treadmill for a few minutes to loosen up my muscles, warm me up, and avoid any feelings of embarrassment when I saw my fitbit stats later. I just added Donna to my friends list and didn’t want her to see me on the first day with 2000 steps.
I got on the treadmill feeling defeated. I walked for a mile and a half at a very slow speed with a decent incline. At minute 35 or so I started thinking of getting stronger again and feeling better. At minute 45 I felt energized and invigorated and ready to take on the world.

Do not underestimate the power of movement. Just sitting on the couch feeling sorry for yourself doesn’t help you.


13 thoughts on “What do 80’s TV & Tracys Cancer have in common?

  1. Well that sucks. :c

    When you say ablation are they talking about pulling it out? Or just kind of cutting it down to a smaller size?

  2. I am very sorry the news wasn’t better but I am very glad it wasn’t worse. I am very glad that they have some ideas on what to do next.

    I never cease to be amazed and impressed by you. Most people would wallow in self pity but you got your ass up and on that treadmill. (You know, I swore just for you…did it make you smile? 😉 )

    Hang in there kiddo!

  3. So why do they have to wait for 6 months to see if there has been improvement…no new tumors and the others haven’t grown? What does that mean? Was the other med for lung cancer and not cervical? What are the chances that it is pos rather than beg and why wouldn’t it show up correctly the first time?

    1. Let me see if I can answer all of your questions.
      Well, first the chemo meds were working, but it’s fairly common for them to stop working. that’s why they test so often. We were just hoping that it wouldn’t happen this fast. They were the newest and most aggressive type of chemo they could find to give me for my type of cervical cancer. The Cisplatin is the standard med that I had last time as well. We were hoping that the three meds I just had would work even better than the cisplatin. Cisplatin is our last resort, but that doesn’t mean it won’t work. We just want something with better odds.
      They didn’t wait for six months, nor will they, I think you misunderstood.
      The HPV Positive / Negative thing is kind of weird. Most cervical cancers are related to HPV . Because of this all the research is being done on cervical cancers caused by HPV. Mine was tested in 2011 and found that it is NOT related to HPV so I am not eligible for any of those trials or research. He just wants to double check in case there was a mistake on my original diagnosis. He’s grasping for anything to try and get me into a trial that he found.
      They are taking the big one out because it’s growing and it’s big. I know that simplifies it but really that’s the answer. Since we don’t have a chemo regimen to shrink it we’ll yank it just to make sure it doesn’t get too big and untreatable!

  4. Ditto what everyone has said and asked. Damn.
    glad they’re going to get the big one. Hoping for results that get you to the very best course of treatment. Impressive – treadmill. Yay you!

    1. Thanks chickie. I was very clear with my oncologist yesterday that whatever we’re doing we need to get this taken care of and stabilized to I can make a trip to New England in July!

      1. Yay!! New England in July is quite nice! You have to let me know if you have time and you’ll be localish. I’ve love to buy you lunch 🙂 (no pressure) 🙂

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