What is this fatigue they talk about?

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I have not been feeling good about myself. I have been a slug.

I just have lost all motivation to do or be anything. I am tired. 

I am sleeping too much, exercising too little.

I am tired by noon and thinking I need a nap.

I can’t work up the energy to do anything for Christmas.

Sitting here today I started feeling a weird feeling. It is the beyond tired can’t move feeling. I suddenly recognize that I have felt this before. It is reminiscent of right before I was originally diagnosed with Cancer.

I start adding the clues together…Tired, Been telling the Medical staff over the last few months that the chemo is making me more and more fatigued, sleeping heavier and longer.

SHIT! I have active Cancer again! NO WONDER I AM TIRED! I am also an idiot.

I will now relax and push myself gently for the next four weeks until this tumor is gone. I will try to go to the gym because it will help keep my energy levels up but I will not berate myself for being a sloth.

I know it isn’t a sloth, it was just too cute when it came up in my search for a sloth picture.

3 thoughts on “What is this fatigue they talk about?

  1. You are anything but a sloth. Your body is just reacting to your illness and making you tired. You get more done on a slow day than I do on an energetic day. Hang in there and be patient with your body.

  2. You don’t seem very slothy to me! I am always amazed at all the places you go and the things you do. But I hope you get just the right amount of rest and the right amount of get-up-go!

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