When you’re weary, feeling small……..

I’m not myself this week. My allergies are kicking my energy level way down. I’ve stopped my morning exercises, which also drops my energy down. I have an unable to be bitched about in public situation that is making me angry. I had a small adventure planned for July (girls weekend!) which has been postponed, so I am disappointed. I have a swollen spot on my arm which I think is probably lymphedema in my arm now, which you can just guess how much that pisses me off.
I got over the anger of thyroid disease in about 30 seconds, the kidney disease, eh that just amused me. The cancer, that took about a week to get over the anger part. Inoperable bone spurs on the bottom of foot to walk on for the rest of my life? Just a song reminder from Godspell. Asthma? Well that was almost expected, but over a year since I was told about the leg lymphedema and it still makes me angry when I think about it!
I go to the doctor next week for the asthma follow-up and I’ll have her check my new arm growth. I also need to have her check my NOSE! It is still really sore to the touch and there is a little nodule on the top. I’m wondering if I actually chipped it a little last month.

So basically I am angry. I really need to get back to hard exercise every day. I didn’t realize how much of a stress release that was until I stopped. I’ve been walking at night at least a mile (except last night ) and that helps but it’s not the same as hair wringing sweaty exercise. I do highly recommend it for a sweet sweet endorphin boost. It’s one of the things in my life that is completely about me and for me. My exercising does not benefit anyone but me.


I hope it’s a good weekend. Next weekend is SKYDIVING! I swear soon I’ll be back to my pollyanna joyfulness. Just needing to vent these days.

I will now use the rest of my lunch to run to the store because I FORGOT MY LUNCH!


And a random picture from my archives to go with the random post.

I love bridges!

8 thoughts on “When you’re weary, feeling small……..

  1. I like the way bridges look, but I have a fear of being on them! Once we got in a traffic jam on the very high bridge over the MIssissippi in Baton Rouge! I had to close my eyes and think of something else!
    Skydiving! Wow. I don’t think I would be able to make myself jump out of a plane, but I’m sure it’s fun.

    1. This will be my 1st skydiving experience. I am hopeful I will not pass out and miss most of it! I love the structure of bridges. I like the one in this picture because the support underneath kind of makes it look like the bridge curls under at the end.
      Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  2. I need to work out badly as well. I haven’t been able to for a bit because of not able to be bitched about in public issues haha…
    I am curious, but don’t want to pry about your medical situation. Are you going just on the recs of regular doctors or have you explored other avenues to feeling better? I’m not one to judge at all, but I’d like to help if there’s anything you haven’t explored that you might benefit from quickly and easily.
    Skydiving sounds fantastic! I’ve never been, but hope to someday! Have you done it before or will this be your first time?

    1. Thanks for asking. I am an open book about medical stuff. The only thing I don’t talk about in public is work details and family bitching. If it’s just about me, it’s all up for discussion.
      I am always open to alternative medicine or other treatments. After I finished chemo and radiation my digestive system was very damaged and the one thing that really helped me was my acupuncturist putting me on some wonderful Traditional Chinese Medicines. I have not found, yet, any alternative therapy that claims any success with the lymphedema which is really my only treatable condition.
      I am a vegetarian and have been planning on a July start to a incredibly restricted diet based on Dr McDougalls diet plan to really clean my body and see if I that will make any long term difference.
      Any suggestions, ALWAYS welcome!

      1. I’m glad to hear that! I had a dear friend who went through cancer and chemo and was not open at all to alternative ideas. It ruined our friendship for a while. I was a bit too eager to share with her when she was having a tough time.
        Anyway, I was wondering if you’ve heard of water kefir. It’s a great probiotic drink that replenishes the gut flora. My husband and I have been using it for a could months and both feel markedly better in various ways.
        I’ll find you some links if you’d like. 🙂
        Also- do you use apple cider vinegar? I don’t know if it specifically would help lymphedema, but I’ve had success with it reducing other lymph problems. I’d love to hear your experience with that if you have one.
        Bless you – I sure hope you feel better!

        1. I am always open to ideas! But I understand why any suggestion can be hard to take when you’re in the midst of treatment. It’s so all encompassing that any other thoughts just take up too much space. I could word that better, (maybe I will – might be a good blog) but it’s early.
          Interesting about the Kefir. I actually love Kefir but stopped drinking it when I was trying to go Dairy. My sister also set me some links for water Kefir, but I ignored them. I will have to do some research. Please do send me any you have that you found helpful.
          I have tried ACV but I really just cannot tolerate it right now. Not even very small amounts. I assume it’s because my intestines are still (after two years) just so raw and beat up. I found Aloe to be very helpful. I just switched from the raw aloe to a dried aloe capsule. I don’t think it’s working as well, but I’m giving it a few weeks.
          And don’t let my complaining fool you, I am incredibly healthy!

  3. Well, I am sorry to hear about the spot on the arm and the spot on the nose. I’d say that more stuff would make even a saint pissed off.

    I didn’t realize the the skydiving was coming up so quickly. I don’t think I could ever do that. But cheers to you for giving it a try. Will you be tandem jumping?

    1. Yes, it will be tandem. We have to get there late morning on Saturday and then go through a class on how to fall out of the sky until we’re good at it? Then up and out while strapped to someone who hopefully has a really good parachute strapped to them!

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