This has just been a most unpleasant couple of months, and I am ready for things to go back to normal.

Between the tumor growing and radiation and new chemo drugs

And caps falling off, and teeth (multiple) being pulled 

Trying to kill myself by cooking and causing a five day hiatus from FOOD (which I am generally a big fan of)

Months of dealing with dog heartworm drama and now a week of waking me up every hour or two because she needs to go outside and be sick

I could use a run of standard Tracy luck where everything is always just fine.

And for the life of me I can't figure out how to make a picture go on top of text boxes like it is on my front page!

4 thoughts on “Whiny….whiny….whiny….

  1. It is certainly time for you to get back to that. Geeze and I wrote a whole self pity page about just teeth.
    Is the dog sick from the heartworm meds? I’ve been hearing on the news about dogs getting the flu…could she have gotten your bug? What if it was really just a bug? My brother inlaw had it from Sat and just went back to work yesterday..just a thought. I hope today is a better day and tomorrow is even better.

  2. It’s so weird how things seem to pile up like that. I hope you are done with that spiral, too! Just one of those things would be enough to drag a person down. I had food poisoning ONCE and I think that was the sickest I have ever felt in my life. Our whole family had it at the same time so you could imagine how delightful that was with our one upstairs bathroom.

    1. Oh it is so much worse when the whole family is sick! I was actually glad Corey was out of the country so I could just be as sick and gross as I needed to be!

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