Why friends are like cookies

MaryBeth as a cookie!


  • The good ones are solid with a soft center
  • They are the perfect beginning to a day because they go great with coffee.
  • They are also the perfect way to end a day because they go great with vodka or beer. My mom taught me the beer pairing.
  • You can have all sorts of different kinds of cookies. Healthy filling cookies, or sweet and light wafery cookies. Doesn’t matter, they’re all good. It just depends on what you need right then and there.
  • You can eat really decadent cookies only once in a while and they will still be just as wonderful as they were the last time.
  • Sometimes you don’t know how badly you need a cookie until it shows up in your mailbox and makes you choke (up).

4 thoughts on “Why friends are like cookies

  1. Cookie! Also like friends, cookies will wait for you; there are some waiting for me right now in the refrigerator!

  2. 😀 That cookie face cracks me up. Tough, determined cookie!

    I’m glad it was the right thing at the right time.

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