Why I work out.

I worked out this evening. I like circuit training. This is the first real workout I have done in a year. A YEAR!

I gained 15 pounds the first three months I stopped working out. This had as much to do with the chemo drugs I was on as it does with working out. I am at the same weight still. But it’s all turned to FAT. I lost really all my muscle. I am weak weak weak. I have lost all strength and endurance. I am also up two pants sizes. There is only one solution for all of these things and that is actual working out. It is not a diet issue for me, though I do now need to seriously start paying attention and find a way to get in better caliber calories. I see a lot of protein shakes in my future.

So I worked out. If you ever want to feel better about how much you can do, come work out with me. Circuit training involves doing an activity for a set amount of time, usually 30 or 60 seconds, and then switching to the next thing. Sometimes, 7 or 8 different things, then you go again. This was a 60 minute workout. I did about 10 second of each thing. I am such a wimp! It’s okay, if I can just stay healthy enough, I will get stronger.

Tomorrow I will be sore, I did exactly 6 more squats than my body can handle. Usually circuit training doesn’t make me too sore if it’s whole body. Which I really prefer.

Tonight my muscles are spent. I am finding it hard to stand up, my legs are just too tired. Even my fingers are tired, typing is hard because my fingers are laying on the keyboard, the muscles to tired to arch up.

My tired happy selfie:


I wish I could explain exactly how good it feels. The endorphins rushing through your body for then next 60 minutes is amazing. It’s a cloud of blissful happiness. You just can’t help but smile. Amazing. And it’s dependent only on YOU. When I am there, I don’t really notice the other people, and there is no thought in my mind that maybe they are judging me. Just none. I do the best I can and that is that.

I have missed it so. I hope hope hope I can stay healthy enough to keep going.

Oh yeah, and this was the low impact – not even the really tough work out!




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