Yee Haw

Went to Texas for the week. Had a nice trip. Since I was quite active on Facebook I will only share the highlights here.

My husband has an Elantra.He has a habit of accidentally opening the trunk. My rental car was an elantra. The first night I looked down from my sixth floor room and saw this.



I won’t be making fun of him anymore!



Sunset with a storm rolling in.





I had many gorgeous views from my hotel. Including a storm rolling out and leaving me with a rainbow.



A lovely tree I sat under with my shoes off reading a book. It was excellent to warm up!


Got to play with a lovely big purring kitty who DIDN”T bite me! All of the marks on my hands and arms healed up while I was in Texas. I was home one day and Frankie drew blood.


Honestly this was the highlight of my trip. The little guy shares the house with the orange kitty. I was lucky enough to spend a few hours there for dinner on Friday and got to play with toys!


I still haven’t spoken to the group in Cincinnati about the clinical trial. I have called and left a message today. 🙁


2 thoughts on “Yee Haw

    1. It was fantastic! I wanted to just outside and BAKE. The last day – Saturday the temps plummeted. I spent all day Sunday at home bitching about how cold I was.

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