Yesterday I went to a support group meeting. I have discussed my dislike of support groups before. They just don’t apply to me ever. Except this one is a Stage IV support group and even though there was only one other person there it was great! We had a good, but brief talk.  I will hopefully make it part of my monthly routine.

I also am hoping to be able to do some work for the organization, nothing much but it will be nice to be able to help out. 🙂

Today, doctors appointment and then nothing else on the calendar! I am all sinus and headachy so I dunno. Maybe I will just keep tackling my books and making notes and learning stuff.

Tomorrow VEGBASH! I hope it’s not lame. It’s fun being in an expo setting to begin with, and then to have it be a whole bunch of vegans and vegetarians? Excellent. To be able to eat at any vendor and not have to worry about it? So nice. I cancelled my chemo today so I could feel at my best tomorrow. 🙂 That’s the nice thing about maintenance chemo it’s okay to skip or delay one occasionally.

OH DAMN! I just remembered I put some Ezekiel wraps in the fridge to semi-thaw so I could separate them and then refreeze and then forgot about them! Funny how the brain works.

Off to shower so I don’t offend the wonderful nurse practitioner.


Last Nights Dinner:



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