Yesterday and stuff

I slept oddly last night and woke up with both eyes crusted shut and feeling achey all over Welcome to allergy season! BUT NO HEADACHE. The other day I posted how well the magnesium was working for my headaches and then did not take it that night. Headache at 3am. Crazy.

The sun is shining, I am still curled up in bed with a snoring beagle next to me and a German Shepherd nearby.

It is supposed to get up to almost 70 degrees today. I will try to take care of all business early so I can have the afternoon in the sun.

I must go to Costco.

Yesterday I called a drs office back to make an appointment ;

Me: Hi this Tracy Murray returning your call I need to make an appointment

Her: Oh I can not do that for you.

Me: Awkward long pause…..

Her: I am all alone and can not do it.

Me: Okay – I will call back later this afternoon or tomorrow and we can do it then?

Her: I probably still won’t be able to do it. I will still be alone.

Me:  another awkward long pause…..

Me: Okay then, I guess we will just see what happens!

WT actual F! How does one respond to that?

My vaguebooking post yesterday was just about work. Silly people.

Yesterday when I checked the mail I had a letter delivered on Saturday from City Tax people saying they wanted more info.

In the afternoon mail I received a letter from the IRS saying basically the same thing.

I feel I have triggered some weird tax watch things. Thank goodness I hire someone to do my taxes because they also got the letters!

Someone in an online group posts about a dance group she is in. I would love to do that. Take a dance class weekly. I did not really see any here in Toledo that seemed right.

All right. Up and moving! My typing has disturbed the beagle and he is now sleeping on my husbands pillow instead of me.


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