Yesterday’s Anniversary

Yesterday marks the two year anniversary of the day we got back the PET Scan showing no active cancer in my lungs.

It is another one of those celebrate with caution anniversaries. I am so grateful for having this time, I could never put into words. As I watch people around me not have the same results it makes me treasure and enjoy every single day that I wake up in my own bed with no greater worry than trying to decide whether to take the dog to the park or go play in the backyard. I do not ever want to forget. On the other hand, the average time someone is on the drugs I am on before they stop working is Two Years. My doctor talks now about the next medicine we will use when the cancer starts growing again. Not if, but when. It is humbling and surreal.

My lungs two years and one day ago. 🙂

Nope – No cancer here

Never Give Up – But Never Forget.


3 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Anniversary

  1. It sounds like you have a most wonderful doctor. And it sounds like you are doing marvelously well! 🙂

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